Joint Powers Authorities FY 2017-2018

Alliance of Schools for Cooperative-Insurance-Programs-FY17-18.pdf
Anaheim CAFR FY17-18.pdf
Anaheim Public Financing Authority 2018 Financial Statements
Bonita Canyon Public Facilities Financing Authority CAFR 2018
  California Insurance Pool Authority 2018 Financial Statements
  California Joint Powers Insurance Authority Financial Statements
  California Sanitation Risk Management Authority 2018 Financial Statements
   City of Brea CAFR FY17-18.pdf
   City of Buena Park CAFR FY17-18.pdf
   City of Fullerton CAFR FY17-18.pdf
   City of Irvine CAFR FY17-18.pdf
   City of La Habra CAFR FY17-18.pdf
   City of Lake Forest CAFR FY17-18.pdf
   City of Westminster CAFR FY17-18.pdf
   City of Yorba Linda CAFR FY17-18.pdf
  Coastal Animal Services Authority 2018 Financial Statements
   Costa Mesa Financing Authority FY17-18.pdf
   Costa Mesa Housing Authority FY17-18.pdf
   Costa Mesa Public Financing Authority Financial Statements
   CSAC Excess Insurance Authority CAFR FY16-17 and FY17-18.pdf
   Fenner Valley Water Authority Annual Financial Report 2018
  Foothill Eastern Transportation Cooridor Agency FY16-17 and FY17-18
  Fountain Valley Public Financing Authority 2018 Financial Statements
  Fullerton Arboretum Authority Annual Financial Report 2018
   Huntington Beach Central Net Operations Authority CAFR FY17-18.pdf
   Independent Cities Risk Management Authority FY17-18.pdf
   Integrated Law and Justice Agency for OC Authority FY17-18.pdf
   Irvine Child Care Project Annual Financial Report 2017.pdf
   Irvine Unified School District Financing Authority FY17-18.pdf
   Lake Forest Financing Authority CAFR 2017.pdf
   LOSSAN Rail Corridor Agency CAFR FY17-18.pdf
   Metro Cities Fire Authority 2018 Financial Statements
   Mission Viejo Community Development Financing Authority CAFR FY17-18.pdf
   Newport Mesa Unified School District Public Financing Authority FY17-18.pdf
   North Net Training Authority 2018 Financial Statements
   Northern Orange County Liability & Property Self-Insurance Authority 2018 and 2019 Financial Statements
  Northern Orange County Self-Funded Workers’ Compensation Agency
   OC Fire Authority CAFR FY17-18.pdf
   Orange County Council of Governments 2018 Financial Statements
   Orange County Fire Authority CAFR 2018.pdf
   Orange County Hazardous Material Emergency Response Authority 2018 Financial Statements
   Orange Unified School District FY17-18.pdf
   Public Cable Television Authority Financial Statements
   Santa Ana Financing Authority CAFR FY17-18.pdf
   San Juan Basin Authority Financials 2018.pdf
   Santiago Aqueduct Commission 2018 Financial Report
  Seal Beach Public Financing Authority 2018 Financial Statements
   South Coast Water District CAFR-FY17-18.pdf
   South Orange County Wastewater Authority 2018 Statement.pdf
   Southern California Public Power Authority CAFR FY17-18.pdf
  Trabuco Canyon Public Financing Authority
  Tustin Public Financing Authority 2018 Financial Statements
  Tustin Unified School District Financing Authority FY17-18.pdf
West Cities Police Communications Financials

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